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January Specials on Domains
Domains .ME and .INFO have reduced pricing this month. *conditions apply.

Why you need to Register a Domain Name
Promote your business, build your brand, create a family scrapbook, announce a new arrival. How you use your domain names is up to you! But with incredible pricing customers expect from Name Depot Domains and a long list of FREE extras, you'll have everything you need to get started online.

It's easy, fast and affordable. With each domain name you purchase, you get everything you see here, all backed by the world-class support we are known for!

Forwarding and Masking
Direct different WWW addresses to an existing website. When someone types your domain name into a browser, they will automatically be forwarded/redirected to whatever URL you choose. And with masking, users don't see the underlying address; only what they type.

Auto Renew Protection
Keep your domain name secure by automatically renewing your registration. Never worry about forgetting to do it manually. You'll keep your domains, hosting, website builders and other products where they belong in your name, in your account and under your control!

Total DNS Control
Manage your domain name server (DNS) records, set your email, FTP, sub-domains, website location, and more! Our Domain Control Center makes it easy.

Change of Registration **
Assign your domain name to another registrant, right online. You can change all four contact fields for the domain whenever you want. **Note: changes of registrant's name are not available for .UK names without a fee from the Registry.

Status Alerts
Monitor key status indicators to your domain and get instant alerts if there's any change. DomainAlert® Pro Backordering and other services available.

Domain Locking
Prevent anyone from making changes to your domain's vital ownership/administrative information. Domain Locking prevents unauthorized or accidental transfers, and stops anyone from misdirecting your name servers.

What is a Premium Domain?
Premium domain names are memorable, most brandable and short names that have a popular extension like .com. Premium domains usually cost more as they can drive a significant amount of exposure to your products and services.

How to Register your own Domain Name

Registering a domain name with a .COM or .CA builds your credibility on the Internet. Use domain names to support your business and assist in creating a dynamic online presence. Your domain name establishes your online identity and increases branding, marketing and communication opportunities. Register domain name or multiple domain names to:

  1. Keep your competition from registering domain names that draws customers away from you.
  2. Promote the products and services you offer more efficiently.
  3. Drive more targeted traffic to your website and business.
  4. Enjoy more opportunities to market to and be listed on search engines.
  5. Create distinct advertising strategies to reach different target markets.
  6. Provide customers more ways to find you on the Internet.
  7. Capture common misspellings of your domain name, instead of sending visitors to an error page.
  8. Protect your brand and online identity from unsavory parties.

To get started, check to see if the domain name you want is available. If available, register the domain name for a period of time you specify during the checkout process. To check a Domain Name's availability, go here search and register domain name with Name Depot Domains.

If the domain name you requested is already registered, we provide available alternatives. For example, you might be able to select a .info or .co domain extension, rather than .com. Alternatively, you could register instead of

If the domain name is available, follow the instructions to complete the checkout process. Be sure to include valid contact information for each contact. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the governing body for domain names, requires valid contact information (registrant, technical, billing, and administrative). If you enter false information, your domain name can be cancelled.

Website Builder

Create a stunning personal or business website with website builder V8
  • The possibilities are endless with more than 1500 theme combinations. Choices for a great looking website in all popular niches and styles using your domain name.
  • No expertise required. Intuitive with easy to follow steps for fast set up.
  • Add name or company name, address and contact details, over 20,000 free stock images, add or change content, add videos, products, maps, calendars, onsite seo, google tracking codes, customizable navigation, plus so much more!
  • Develop visually as you go for desktop and mobile versions of your website.
  • Save time and money on web designer, consulting and graphic artist costs.
  • Help center available with instructional do it yourself guides as well.
  • Learn how easy it is to edit and publish your new website with Name Depot.

Website Builder Plans

Personal & Business
  • Website Builder Personal - Responsive mobile design, website hosting, rapid page - load performance, create a blog, security (ssl), 24/7 support.
  • Website Builder Business - Responsive mobile design, website hosting, rapid page - load performance, create a blog, security (ssl), 24/7 support, paypal buy now or donate button, search engine optimization (seo).
  • Website Builder Business Plus - Responsive mobile design, website hosting, rapid page - load performance, create a blog, security (ssl), 24/7 support, paypal buy now or donate button, search engine optimization (seo), social media integration, share content to facebook.
  • Start on your new website today. We have special offer on packages starting at $2.00 to $5.99 /month (price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees). Learn more about our website builder plans and pricing here.


Create Personal & Business Blogs on your domain
  • WordPress Basic - Think basic sites, blogs and startups. 1 website, 10GB SSD storage, 25,000 monthly visitors, SFTP. $8.99 /month.
  • WordPress Deluxe - For small business and bloggers on the way up. 1 website, 15GB SSD storage, 100,000 monthly visitors, One-click staging site, SSH/SFTP, Search engine optimization plugin. $11.99 /month.
  • Wordpress Ultimate - Everything in Deluxe plan plus top-notch security. 2 websites, 30GB SSD storage, 400,000 monthly visitors, One-click staging site, SSH/SFTP, Search engine optimization plugin, Malware scan & removal, 1-year SSL certificate to secure customer data and increase search rankings. Included with annual plans only. *After the initial free year, the SSL certificate will automatically renew at the then-current price until canceled. You can cancel your automatic renewal certificate at any time. $16.99 /month.
  • WordPress Developer - Up to 5 sites and packed with pro features. 5 websites, 50GB SSD storage, 800,000 monthly visitors, One-click staging site, SSH/SFTP. $24.99 /month.
  • WordPress Pro - Up to 25 sites and packed with pro features. 25 websites, 250GB storage, 5,000,000 monthly visitors, One-click staging, SSH/SFTP Access. $69.99 /month.
  • Start on your new wordpress site today. We have packages starting at $8.99 to $69.99 /month (price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees).

Website Hosting Solutions

Managed and Dedicated Servers
  • cPanel - cPanel Hosting that’s easy, reliable and lightning-fast.
  • Plesk - Host a single site to multiple sites to handling the most traffic and complex sites.
  • Wordpress - Think basic sites, blogs and startups all the way to developer packed with pro features.
  • Business - Multiple basic sites including high-traffic WordPress, Joomla, advanced eCommerce sites like Magento.
  • VPS Linux and VPS Windows, Pro hosting features that put you in control from economy to ultimate plans.
  • Dedicated Linux Server - Resources ready in minutes, flexible plans designed to grow, and your choice of Management Levels, all on your single-tenant VM.
  • Dedicated Windows Server - Resources ready in minutes, flexible plans designed to grow, and your choice of Management Levels, all on your single-tenant VM. Learn more about our affordable website hosting plans here.

Email - Build your Business Identity

Email Business Plan
  • Stay on customers' minds with an email address that uses your domain.
  • Reinforce your marketing & branding efforts with every email you send.
  • Build on the business identity you've already established with a professional email address.
  • Start an email marketing plan, we have packages from beginner to pro starting at $9.99 /month. More about our email marketing plans here.
  • Email outperforms other marketing strategies, earning $43 for every $1 spent on average. It’s the most cost-effective way to gain new clients and keep existing ones coming back.
  • Get started on your new email plan right away with Name Depot Domains.

SSL Certification
Secure your website with a SSL certificate to give your customers confidence and it will increase your websites credibility. Standard SSL Domain Validated Certificate or Premium SSL Extended Validation Certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?
An SSL certificate keeps you and your customers safe by protecting the information that's flowing to and from your website domain. It encrypts names, addresses, passwords, account and credit card numbers and more so hackers and other online criminals can't read them.

How does it work?
An SSL certificate serves as an electronic "passport." It establishes the website's authenticity and credibility and enables the browser and Web server to build a secure, encrypted connection. Credibility is established by checking the digital certificate, which includes:

  • The Certificate holder's name (individual or company).
  • The Certificate's serial number and expiration date.
  • A copy of the Certificate holder's "public" cryptographic key.
  • The digital signature of the Certificate-issuing authority.
  • Extended SSL Certificates give the site visitor an additional visual cue, displaying the Certificate holder's name against a distinctive green background in the visitor's browser.
How does my customer know my website is secure?
SSL Security Validation
Once a visitor is on an SSL-protected page, the following visual indicators appear to show them that your website is secure and to give them the confidence to proceed:
  • A Padlock in the browser's status bar.
  • The https:// prefix in the URL.
  • The URL address bar turns to green (Extended Validation Certificates only).
  • The Trusted "Verified and Secure" site seal.
Why Choose a Name Depot Domains SSL Certificate?
Consumer Confidence
  • Fully validated.
  • Up to 256-bit encryption.
  • Valid up to 5 years (depending on certificate type).
  • 99% browser recognition.
  • Stringent authentication.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Warranty (up to $1,000,000).
  • Covers an unlimited number of servers (other Certification Authorities charge for every server).
  • Our certificates provide the same type of ironclad, corporate-class security as our competitors, but for up to 90% less than you'll pay elsewhere!

Website Security

Name Depots Website Security Plans and Pricing
Website Security powered by Sucuri protects your web investment, keeping you and your customers safe from hackers and other online threats. Most new website owners aren’t aware of all these different threats at time of register domain name. Name Depot protects your website against each one of them and more!

  • Malware infection - The most common threat, malware is an overarching term that covers viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware and more. Malware can erase all your data, steal customer information, infect your visitors – the possibilities are nearly endless. Our platform provides continuous malware monitoring, scanning and alerting to avoid loss of business or downtime.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) - This attack can bring down your site by overwhelming it with a flood of automated traffic. And every minute your site is down, you’re losing customers and sales. Our advanced security monitoring and Web Application Firewall (WAF) prevent this type of attacks.
  • Brute Force - This is where an application cycles through every possible password combination until it finds one that works. From there, hackers can access your system, steal sensitive data and do pretty much whatever they want.
  • Injection - With injection flaws, a hacker sends malicious data as part of a command or query that tricks the site into doing something it shouldn’t, such as giving the hacker your entire customer database.
  • Cross-site scripting - Commonly abbreviated as XSS, this attack sends user-supplied data to a web browser without validating it first. Hackers use these flaws to hijack users away from the site or deface it, costing the site owner to lose business.
  • Zero Day - This is an attack that’s launched as soon as new vulnerability is discovered, before a patch is available. While these are impossible to predict, our WAF will virtually patch your site within moments of a Zero Day attach being disclosed.

Website Security Express
Expedited malware removal and ongoing protection.
As low as $299.99 /year

  • Protect one site
  • 30-minute response time
  • Unlimited malware removal
  • Blacklist monitoring & removal
  • WAF malware prevention
  • CDN performance accelerator

Website Security Deluxe
Proactively secure your site. Malware scan and removal and ongoing protection.
As low as $19.99 /month

  • Protect one site
  • 12-hour response time
  • Unlimited malware removal
  • Blacklist monitoring & removal
  • WAF malware prevention
  • CDN performance accelerator

Website Security Essential
Detect and remove malware. Malware scan and removal.
As low as $6.99 /month

  • Protect one site
  • 12-hour response time
  • Unlimited malware removal
  • Blacklist monitoring & removal

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